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The first edition of Universal Artists Festival Young Composers’ Forum is a two-week international summer academy, offering unique training for 10 young composers to compose chamber music or mini operas. The intensive composition training program is designed for young composers under the age of 35, of any nationality, to polish, develop, and explore compositional skills with international artists and resident faculties. This year we are proud to collaborate with UAF vocal/opera session, offering two composers to work on a mini opera.


The 2019 edition will take place from 5th August to 18th August at New England Conservatory and 19th August to 24th August in New York City. Participating composers will have the chance to take part in master classes, presentations, lectures, workshops, and will have the chance to experience life at a prestigious America conservatory and world-leading university. Each composer’s project for the forum will be rehearsed and performed by the performance fellow and residency faculties.




Lei Liang    Composition professor at UCSD

Lei Liang

Composition professor at UCSD

Stratis Minakakis    Composition professor at New England Conservatory

Stratis Minakakis

Composition professor at New England Conservatory

Yoonhee Lee violin

Yoonhee Lee violin

Steve Laraia viola

Steve Laraia viola

Zizai Ning cello

Zizai Ning cello

Han Chen piano

Han Chen piano


Program Outline


  1. Lectures by faculty composer

  2. Individual meetings with each faculty composers

  3. Presentation of your music

  4. Master Classes by other instrumental faculties

  5. Rehearsals of your work with the performance fellow and residency faculties

  6. Live performance and Recording of your piece

  7. Access to all concerts and activities at UAF 2019.

  1. 作曲教授的讲座

  2. 与每位作曲教授上个别课

  3. 发表自己的作品

  4. 参与其他专业的大師班

  5. 与表演研究员和教授排练

  6. 现场演出和录制作品

  7. 参加2019年UAF的所有音乐会和活动



  1. Audio or video links for 2 or 3 of your works.

  2. Scores for 2 or 3 of your works.

  3. If you are applying for the mini opera program, please also submit the following materials:

    1. An additional opera score, or a work-in-progress opera score to be considered for performance. Excerpts or scenes from a larger operatic work will be also acceptable.

    2. The libretto can be in English, Italian, French and German. For other languages, please include an english synopsis and a pronunciation key.

    3. A signed declaration that the composer has the permission to use the libretto, if it is neither his own work nor from public domain.

    4. A piano reduction.

  4. Biography including a work list.

  5. Letter of motivation explaining your artistic approach and your interest in the composition program at Universal Artists Festival.

  1. 2或3部作品的音频或视频链接。

  2. 上述作品的樂譜。

  3. 申请写作迷你歌剧,请额外提供以下材料:
    1. 一份歌剧樂譜、或者正在寫作中歌剧乐谱,一套大型作品中的選段或場景亦可。

    2. 歌詞可以是英語、意大利語、法語和德語,其他語言的話,請附上英文概要和發音指引。

    3. 如歌詞並非原創或不在公共區域內,請附上一份已簽署的聲明,指出作曲家擁有該歌詞的使用權。

    4. 歌劇作品之鋼琴版本。

  4. 简介,包括你的作品清单

  5. 动机信,解释你的艺术手法和你参加环球艺术节的会议的兴趣。

10 composers will be selected.

  • 8 composers will be asked to compose an original instrumental chamber music work. Each piece will be performed twice. One in Boston New England Conservatory and one in New York.

    • Duration: 5-7 minutes

    • Instrumentation: piano, violin x 2, viola, and cello (2-5 musicians)

  • 2 composers will be selected as mini opera fellows to work with opera Directors: Aleksandar Ilić (Belgrade Dance Institute), Aleksandar Nikolić (Royal Opera House Covent Garden) and our festival orchestra. Gregory Buchalter, the assistant conductor from Metropolitan Opera, will supervise one of the rehearsals. The two mini operas created in the festival will be performed again in Winter 2020 at Serbia National Theater in Belgrade.

    • Voices: soprano x 2, baritone x 2, tenor x 1, bass x 1

    • Instrumentation: 4-3-3-2-1, 2-2-2-2, 2-2-3-1, piano

    • Duration: No longer than 7 minutes


  • 8位作曲家创作原创的乐器室内音乐作品。每件作品将进行两次。一个在波士顿新英格兰音乐学院,一个在纽约。

    • 長度:5-7分钟

    • 配器:钢琴,小提琴x 2,中提琴和大提琴(2-5位音乐家)

  • 两位作曲家将被选为小型歌剧演员,与歌剧导演合作:亚历山大˙伊利奇(贝尔格莱德舞蹈学院),亚历山大˙尼科利奇(皇家歌剧院考文特花园)和音乐节管弦乐团。格雷戈里˙布查尔特(大都会歌剧院的助理指挥)将负责监督其中一场排练。节日中创作的两部小型歌剧将于2020年冬季在贝尔格莱德的塞尔维亚国家剧院再次演出。

    • 声部:女高音x 2,男中音x 2,男高音x 1,低音x 1

    • 配器:4-3-3-2-1,2-2-2-2,2-2-3-1,钢琴

    • 長度:不超过7分钟




Fee & Deadline

Deadline:June 15, 2019. ***DEADLINE EXTENDED TO June 22nd***

Result: June 25th, 2019. ***RESULTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON JULY 1ST***

截止日期:正式报名申请截止6月15日 ***截止日期延後至6月22日***

結果公佈:6月25日 ***結果將於7月1日公布***

Please send in all materials to

No application fee for composers | 音乐节作曲家报名免費

Composition Participant

Tuition for two weeks (8/5 - 8/18)



Auditor Fee (not including accommodation)



两周学费(8/5 - 8/18)



旁聽費用 (不包住宿)




We will offer two scholarships to outstanding composers based on their quality of music potential of their career. The tuition fee will be 1500 USD in total after the deduction.  


Tuition includes meals, accommodation, training tuition, scheduled local transportation fees, and taxes. Prices exclude airfare, visa fees, insurance and other personal expenses. All students must bring proof of travel medical insurance. All charges shall be paid by participants (or their parents or guardians) if there is any medical care needs.

After the two-week Young Composers’ Forum, if students want to stay in New York City for the third week of UAF, please contact us at for cheaper hotel pricing.  


我们将根据他们职业生涯的音乐潜力,为优秀作曲家提供两项奖学金。 扣除后,学费总计为1500美元。





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